Luwak Coffee Agrotourism in Bali

Derived from the word Agro and tourism, it means packing travel or tourism activities or vacations to plantation or agricultural tourism spots, such as the right to visit Luwak coffee Agro-tourism. Being here, you can get to know more closely, the types of coffee plants that are special for the formation of coffee, including the process of planting, production, until finally it is in the form of coffee powder and ready to be served. In fact, visitors can enjoy free civet coffee, feel the sensation of coffee with high taste and high economic value for free. Almost all civet coffee agritourism in Bali, provide the same service, and even always try to be better. Because they compete to give a positive impression and the best service for every visitor. Have a vacation and visit this agro-tourism spot, you don’t have to worry about shopping, thank you anyway.

civet coffee trees luwak kopi

Tours in Bali with specific destinations such as towards the tourist destinations of Kintamani, Bedugul and Ubud Village give you more opportunities to enjoy the civet coffee agro-tourism theme. There are many choices of places, although they generally provide the same services and facilities, such as agro tourism in a number of places in the Tegalalang area of ​​Ubud. During your visit you will be accompanied by a guide or guide, going around exploring coffee plantations specifically for Arabica and Robusta types which are the raw materials for the formation of Luwak coffee, you will be introduced to the characteristics and specifications of each type of coffee that exist and are liked by mongooses. The mongoose or weasel (latin: paradoxurus hermaphroditus) is an omnivorous nocturnal animal that eats everything like humans, both meat and plants.

This animal likes to go out at night during the day mostly to sleep, so you can see the mongoose sleeping in the nests that have been provided. The type of mongoose that is kept alone is special for those who like plants, especially coffee. When the coffee cherries are fully ripe, when they are usually red, they are given to the mongoose. The coffee cherries are digested in the civet’s stomach which can only destroy the outer skin. And through natural fermentation in the civet’s stomach, the main seeds will come out again with the civet droppings and become high-quality coffee.

civet poo luwak coffeeThe coffee beans that come out of the civet droppings are not crushed and are still intact and will be cleaned and separated from the dirt. This type of Arabica coffee is the most preferred by the mongoose, because this type of Arabica has sweet skin and smells good. The civet itself is indeed a type of animal that has a good sense of smell and taste in sorting and choosing the best type of coffee, so you can be sure that the coffee that comes out with the civet droppings is the result of the best selection and natural processing and has a high taste. That is why, the coffee from the selection of the mongoose, is the best coffee, so it is not surprising that the price is higher than the average ordinary coffee.

The process of making civet coffee

Luwak coffee agrotourism in Bali, provides an introduction and understanding to every visitor about the process mentioned above, and if you visit the agrotourism, you can get to know the processing more closely. In the process, the coffee bean droppings from the mongoose are cleaned first, then dried through natural processes under the hot sun, then after drying, the Arabica coffee is roasted, over a stove with natural wood fuel, until it changes color to black.

Furthermore, the coffee beans that are ripe in the roasting process are ground in a stone mortar until smooth, then sorted and ground again, until they are finally ready to be brewed and enjoyed. All through natural processes, including the ignition process using a stove with firewood, will add to the taste of the Luwak coffee. The mongoose is not kept in a cage forever, but is also released from time to time and chooses the coffees it wants. The best mongoose is aged 1-10 years, this star mongoose can live up to 15 years. Simple digestion makes the coffee beans unable to be digested so they are excreted again. The unique thing about this star is that there are 3 types of it in Bali, namely the injin mongoose, the pandan mongoose and the sticky civet. Only the pandan mongoose is the best for this civet coffee process, because at night this type can emit a fragrant smell from its anal glands, making it suitable as a parent and breeding it. These animals have a habit of defecating in the same place, making it easier to find the seeds of their droppings. Coffee plants will grow well in areas with moderate weather, usually the plains at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, for this reason areas with cool weather will be special places, such as the areas leading to Bedugul and Kintamani.

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