The island of Bali has many natural waterfall attractions. But did you know that the waterfall Tourist attraction on the island of Bali is currently a trend among foreign tourists and Indonesian tourists? The answer is the Sekumpul waterfall. As information for you, Sekumpul waterfall is included in the category of hidden waterfalls in North Bali. In addition, many tourists say, Sekumpul waterfall, the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. On this page, I will write down for you a holiday guide to the Sekumpul waterfalls, Buleleng, Bali. One of the interesting tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit. Holiday info that you will find such as uniqueness, how to get to the location and the price of admission to Sekumpul Waterfall.

Journey to Sekumpul Waterfall

To be able to see waterfalls in Bali more closely, you must have good stamina. From the main road, to get to the location to see the Sekumpul waterfall, I had to go down a number of stairs, with a winding path.

I don’t know for sure how many steps I have to go through, about 350 steps. Apart from the number of steps, the slope of the steps in some places is also very steep. Please be careful when visiting.

On the way to the location of the waterfall, you can see several houses that are still very traditional surrounded by towering rambutan trees and durian trees.

After walking for a few minutes, you will be able to see views of terraced rice fields and verdant hills and views of waterfalls from a distance.

After going down the stairs for 30 minutes, finally I was able to see the Sekumpul waterfall directly. To get to the waterfall pool you have to cross a river where the water level is approximately as high as an adult’s thigh.

Interesting Things You Can See In The Biggest & Most Beautiful Waterfall In Bali

I saw that there were two waterfalls side by side, dropping large amounts of water from the top of a high cliff. The waterfall hits the rock below, causing a fairly high splash of water. The splash of the waterfall makes my body fresh again and I can swim at the bottom of the waterfall.

According to my friend who is from Buleleng district, he said during the rainy season the two waterfalls will have different colors.

The water on the left side will be clear and clean, because it comes from a spring that is located on the hills of Sekumpul village. While the waterfall on the right will be cloudy brown in color, because the water comes from the river in Sekumpul village.

However, during my visit, I didn’t see a difference in the color of the water from the two waterfalls, maybe because I visited during the dry season.

I don’t know for sure how high the cliff is, and according to the official at the location, he said the height of the waterfall cliff is about 50 meters. Around the waterfall cliff area you will see lots of big trees, and they look very green and beautiful.

Of course the trekking trip will be quite tiring, fatigue will pay off after you see the twin waterfalls in Sekumpul village with a height of approximately 50 meters from the top of the mountains.

The view of the Sekumpul waterfall was so beautiful, it made me forget, to go back I had to climb the stairs. Going down the stairs is already hard, and it’s even harder when you have to climb the stairs to return to the car park location.

Meaning of the name Gathering

The main thing that makes the Sekumpul waterfall tourist attraction famous to foreign countries is because at the Sekumpul waterfall tourist spot, you can not only see one or two waterfalls, but seven waterfalls.

As the name implies, Sekumpul waterfall consists of a group of waterfalls, with a total of seven waterfalls. So from that Sekumpul waterfall was named by foreigners with another name seven point waterfall. Meanwhile, the local people of Sekumpul village call it the Ceburan waterfall.

Of the seven waterfalls, only two waterfalls are located close to the main road. While the other five, you need extra effort to reach the location. This makes Sekumpul waterfall fall into the category of hidden waterfalls in North Bali, because it takes extra effort to reach the waterfall location.

Other activities that you can do besides seeing views of waterfalls and mountains which are still very natural, you can also do a pre-wedding photo session with a waterfall as a background, or just take photos with friends or family.