Alas Kedaton Temple is a small forest is inhabited by more than 2,000 monkeys with the width about 10 ha, located in the middle of the rice field in Tabanan regency. Since the beginning this forest has been inhabited by the monkeys. It wasn’t as tame as it is now because they continue to be fed and the place has developed into a tourist spot, the monkeys are now relatively tame.

They are the most attractive magnet for the visitors. The visitors can give some foods to the monkeys directly. Just put some nuts or cookies on your hand and those monkey will be happy to eat. With only some nuts on the hand, some brave visitors can take some pictures while the monkeys eating the nuts on their head, or hand. When doing this activity it is very advised to not wearing your hat, or glasses.


Location of Alas Kedaton Temple

The location of the Alas Kedaton tourist spot is in Kukuh village, Marga sub-district, Tabanan district, Bali.


Opening hours

The Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest tourist spot is open every day from 09:00 to 17:00. In addition, the average tourist who visits will spend a vacation time of approximately 45 minutes in the Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest area.

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Time & Mileage

If you depart from the Kuta beach tourist area, it will take a travel time of about 1 hour 10 minutes, of course the road conditions are not jammed.

If you depart from the Uluwatu temple area, heading to the Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest location will take 1 hour 45 minutes with a travel distance of about 50 kilometers.

If you depart from Bali safari and marine park, heading to Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest will take 1 hour 5 minutes, with an estimated travel distance of 33 kilometers.

If you depart from Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park, heading to Monkey Forest Alas Kedaton, it will take 1 hour 40 minutes, with a distance of 42 kilometers.


Monkeys in Alas Kedaton Forest

The main attraction of the Alas Kedaton tourist attraction lies in the monkeys that inhabit the forest area, there are about 2,000 monkeys. Therefore when you enter the gate, you will be greeted by these monkeys.

Some of you will ask, are the monkeys in this tourist spot already tame?

Don’t worry, the monkeys here are very tame and are familiar with human existence. Monkeys will not attack you, as long as you don’t act harshly on them.

Although these monkeys are tame, but still wild animals, it is recommended to remain careful especially with luggage and try to put it in a bag and hidden. Such as wallets, cellphones, glasses, earrings and other small items.

There is a possibility that these monkeys will be attracted to your belongings, so be careful! So that you can enjoy the holidays instead of thinking about lost items.

If you like, bring some food that you can give to the monkeys, such as bananas or nuts. If you have given food, then you have the opportunity to take pictures with the monkeys.