Kuta Beach Bali is one of the forms of natural beauty offered by the Island of the Gods, so it is only natural that tourists from all over the world are interested in making it an island that must be visited. Before the name was so popular as it is now, it turns out that marine tourism in the south of the Island of the Gods was once a traditional fishing village. In that place, the surrounding community made it a popular trading port in its time. Because in the 19th century, a Danish merchant emerged who established a trade there.

The merchant named Mads Lange used his intelligence to carry out transactions and trade negotiations, so that his name was already familiar to the kings of Bali. Until slowly, people began to realize that this one beach is so beautiful, and has the potential to become the best tourist destination in Bali. The Island of the Gods actually has an abundance of marine tourism, but Kuta Beach is still a popular tourist attraction. As if to be the tourism heart of the Island of the Gods, considering the location itself is quite strategic because it is close to several shops and other crowded centers.

Seeing the enthusiasm of tourists to visit it, the manager also added a number of complete and adequate facilities. One of the facilities that can be applauded is the availability of famous restaurants which are not far from the beach location. This prestigious dining venue provides a variety of dishes that are ready to pamper your taste buds.

Still around the beach area, you can find a five-star hotel that provides various facilities for the comfort and safety of its guests. Not far from the place, found a popular bar that must be visited. Even on the edge of the road to the tourist area, found a number of grocery stores looking busy selling their wares.

All the facilities provided are managed as well as possible in order to maintain the trust and comfort of the visitors. The availability of these complete facilities has succeeded in making tourists feel at home and interested in exploring the tourist area so that nothing is missed. It is not surprising that this tourist destination has become a popular tourist attraction.




The Attractions of Kuta Beach Bali

This charming beach is one of the beaches on the west side of the island of Bali which is visited by tourists from various countries every year. This beach is one of several favorite tourist destinations on the Island of the Gods. Many tourists come to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach and wait for the sunset.

Kuta Beach is famous for its stunning sunset views. Directly adjacent to the open sea, tourists can also see the expanse of blue sea that reflects the orange bias when the sun begins to set. The scenery on this beach also changes to be more romantic with a distinctive color sparkle at dusk. Beautiful and charming scenery at sunset is one of the attractions of Kuta Beach. Many use it for photographs and even as a location for making romantic films.

The attraction of the next beautiful beach in Bali is that it has a very long coastline. It stretches for 5 km and is the best coastline in Bali. The view of the high seas and the stretch of white sand can be enjoyed by tourists who come to Kuta Beach. The white sand is also soft so it can be used for children or other visitors to play with the sand. Having a beach that stretches wide enough to make tourists can more freely play in the sandy beach area. Relaxing and enjoying the view of the blue sea can be an activity that is not boring here.

Tourists who come to Bali Beach can use the beach chairs that have been provided to relax and sunbathe comfortably. Rows of beach umbrellas are lined up not too close to the beach. So the beach sand area is wide enough to play. One more attraction is the famous waves are good and ideal for surfing activities. The waves in this tourist area are known to be quite large but safe for beginner surfers. Tourists can play surfboards to conquer the waves at Kuta Beach, Bali.

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