Bali is known as an area that provides spiritual tourism. One of them is the activity of melukat or holy bathing which is now increasingly popular with domestic tourists (wisdom) and foreign tourists (tourists). Apart from Tirta Empul Temple, there is another temple that can be used as a healing place in the Tampaksiring area, Gianyar Regency. Namely Mengening Temple, which is located not far from Tirta Empul Temple. This temple is starting to get busy with people coming to paint. What is the history of this ancient temple like?


History of Mengening Temple

Melukat at Mengening Temple.

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Mengening Temple is located in Banjar Sarasada, Tampaksiring District, Gianyar Regency. Pura Mengening is an ancient site that is thought to have existed since 1022 AD, during the reign of King Marakata. This temple was first discovered by WF Sutterheim around 1925 to 1927.

Then a researcher named Bernet Kempers stated that there was a temple with the remains of a building on a small hill in 1960. During the excavation, the temple was found in complete condition including the Lingga Yoni. This temple was registered as a cultural heritage site by the Bali Provincial Government (Pemprov) based on Law Number 5 of 1985.

The name Mengening Temple is taken from the word ening which means clean or clear. Because in this temple there is a spring that is always clear. In 1980, Bernet Kempers said, there was a clear spring under a large tree in the Mengening Temple area.


The temple location has a cool and quiet atmosphere

Mengening Temple was built on the bank of the Pakerisan  River. This temple is located close to other temples such as Tirta Empul Temple, Puncak Merta Sari Temple, Puncak Tegal Temple, Penataran Saresidi Temple, Gunung Kawi Temple, and Sakenan Tampaksiring Temple. Located in the lowlands, Mengening Temple has a natural atmosphere with cool and quiet air, far from the crowds.

To get to the temple and the melukat location, visitors will go down several stairs. During the trip to the temple location, you will be treated to an atmosphere with beautiful natural views. The management has put up signboards regarding the location of the temple and the melukat place, along with the names of the tirta in this temple.




Get to know Telaga Waja

The place for melukat at Mengening Temple is in the area on the outside of the temple or what is called the temple nista mandala area. In this place there is a pool filled with clear water called Telaga Waja for melukat. Visitors can paint at several fountains in Telaga Waja.

In the nista mandala area there are several springs or showers with various functions. As displayed on the information board, there are 12 names of tirta, namely:

  • Tirta Mengening for the Dewa Yadnya ceremony
  • Tirta Keris for cleaning heirloom objects such as keris
  • Tirta Sudhamala to melukat
  • Tirta Keben for trading
  • Tirta Gelung for authority
  • Tirta Tunggang for the Ngaben ceremony
  • Tirta Dedari for beauty
  • Tirta Pengentas for the Pitra Yadnya ceremony
  • Tirta Telaga Waja to melukat
  • Tirta Angsoka for beauty
  • Tirta Pancuran Solas for the birth day ruwatan ceremony (bayuh oton).

Melukat at Mengening Temple has various benefits such as cleansing the body physically and spiritually, getting rid of bad luck, curing diseases, especially those caused by black magic, for calming the soul and mind, and others.

Before melukat, visitors are required to pray in the place provided to ask permission from the sacred powers who guard the place. After completing melukat, visitors can pray at Mengening Temple. However, visitors should change clothes first, because they will definitely get wet after being injured.

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