Interesting Attraction at Denpasar

Denpasar city is generally made up of tightly knit villages complete with historic Hindu temples surrounded by communal family compounds. It offers the most accessible way to see real, uncompromising Balinese life. Denpasar is also Bali’s best spot for shopping and features everything from lively street markets, vast department stores and more than its fair share of trendy boutiques. Expect the cheapest prices in Bali for almost everything as most stores cater to locals.

Denpasar Becomes the Capital City

The capital city offers the best way to explore the island complete insight through the Bali Provincial Museum (Museum Negeri Provinsi Bali) or simply known as Bali Museum. As Bali’s flagship museum, it offers an informative introduction to almost all things in Bali through a vast array of cultural and historic artifacts from across the island. It is housed in four traditional pavilions set around a walled compound, right in the heart of town. Weaponry, utensils, precious jewelry, Balinese textiles, religious artifacts, traditional costumes and masks, and several artworks are among some of the collections displayed in the museum.

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Bali Museum In Denpasar City

The fall of the Kingdom of Klungkung into the hands of the Dutch colonialists on April 28, 1908 has signaled the change of power in Bali into the territory of the Dutch colonial government. This situation made a change in governance in ...

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Bajrasandhi Monument Of Denpasar

The monument was originally built in 1987 and opened to the public in 2004. It stands to represent a long history of struggle of the Balinese people, namely the invasion of the Dutch in 1906 and 1908. The invasions saw the deaths of over 1,000 ...

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