Lovina Beach


Lovina Beach is one of the tourist attractions in North Bali. Many tourists, both foreign and local, visit there, in addition to seeing the unspoiled beaches, as well as to see the dolphins that are widely available on this beach. By renting a local fishing boat, we can approach the dolphins. Various lodgings ranging from Inns to Cottages are available at very affordable prices. Nestled on the beach, between the Bedugul mountain range and the Bali sea, this tropical island gem is surrounded by various attractions. Dolphin watching, trekking to waterfalls, hot springs and diving or snorkelling around Menjangan island, home to the best preserved coral reef in Bali. Just two and half hours drive from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist areas in the south, you will enjoy a relaxing Bali holiday.

The main attraction of Lovina beach is not on the beach, but on the activity of seeing dolphins in the middle of the sea. The Lovina tourist area is very famous for its wild dolphin shows in the middle of the sea. On this beach there are hundreds of dolphins. To be able to see dolphins in action, you have to leave for the middle of the sea before sunrise. Dolphins will appear in the middle of the sea between 6 and 8 in the morning. A trip to the middle of the sea in the waters of Lovina is very popular with tourists. Because the Lovina sea waters are relatively calm, so it can be passed comfortably by using a fishing boat.

You can find hundreds of dolphins about 1 km from the shore. Some are jumping to the surface, and some are just swimming. It’s very interesting the action of the black sea animal on this one. Tourists who visit can rent a traditional fishing boat which is specially provided for tours to see dolphins in the middle of the sea. While heading to the middle of the sea to watch the dolphin show, you can also see the beautiful and natural waters of the Lovina sea. The duration of the activity to see dolphins in Lovina is about 2 hours. Fishermen will take you out to sea in a traditional boat, where dolphins often appear.

Besides being able to watch dolphin shows, at Lovina Beach there are also diving activities. The marine life in Lovina has a variety of types and is not inferior to other dive sites in Bali.


Distance & Travel Time To Lovina Beach

If you want to vacation to Lovina beach, you should know the distance and travel time from southern Bali to Lovina beach Bali. By knowing the distance and travel time, you can easily plan a Bali holiday itinerary.

The journey from the tourist attraction of Kuta Bali to Lovina can be taken within 3 hours, and the road is a bit winding and up and down.

To get to the Lovina location from the Kuta Bali tourist attractions, you will pass the interesting tourist attractions in Bali below:

  • Gitgit waterfall.
  • Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant.
  • Attractions Ulun Danu Temple Beratan Bedugul.

If you depart from Garuda Wisnu Kencana to Lovina beach, it will cover a distance of 99 kilometers with a travel time of 3 hours. If you depart from the Tanah Lot Temple area, to Lovina beach it will cover a distance of 78 kilometers with a travel time of 2 hours 15 minutes.

If you depart from the Bedugul Bali area to Lovina beach, it will take 1 hour, with a distance of 32 kilometers. If you depart from the Kintamani tourist area, to Lovina beach. You will cover a distance of 62 kilometers in 2 hours.

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