Bali is an island that is famous for its unique culture and various artistic creations beautiful and the people are very supportive of ancestral customs and traditions, such as traditional traditional house architecture in Bali, the majority of which are Hindus. Thus establishing Bali as a favorite tourist destination island. Building existing at least use Balinese ornaments and there are Parahyangan or holy place (family temple), of course consider the place and one’s abilities. If the traditional traditional house is completely built with The rule called “Asta Kosala Kosali” is like Feng Shui in Culture China. In general, the north-east corner is a sacred place used as a place of worship sacred, while the west-south corner is a lower angle in the space of the house and is the direction of entry to the dwelling of the house or to other buildings such as bathrooms and others.

The main building is Called Gedong which is located upstream or north. Gedong apart from being a bed has a function in the customs and traditions of religious ceremonies, used for ceremonies such as the tooth-cutting ceremony or the “Mesangih”. Which is room will be a place for candidates who will perform the tooth-cutting procession to Mesekeb (Sleep) before the ceremony begins. Furthermore, Bale Dangin Building is a sacred building, this building has an open model and only contains one one or single bedroom. All human ceremonial or “Manusa Yadnya” processions for family members in the house will be carried out at Bale Dangin, such as wedding ceremonies, Balinese birthday ceremonies, tooth cutting ceremonies, death ceremonies and others.

Also Balinese House has special space for traditional kitchen style located in south side of the house. It has unique way for prepare and cook their food using  a simple and traditional cooking utensil.