Bali keeps the life history of a famous painter in his era, Named Antonio Blanco, a young man of Spanish blood who was born on September 15, 1911 in Manila, Philippines. Blanco with his love for the arts, especially painting, made Blanco travel around the world to learn more about art. Until one day he landed and ended his long journey in Bali in 1952 until the end of his life in 1999. The Blanco Renaissance Museum is a work of art from Antonio Blanco who got a piece of land from the king of Ubud to build his house and studio in the campuhan area of ​​Ubud. Since then, Blanco decided to live in Bali with his wife, a dancer named Ni Ronji. Blanco lives happily with his family and four children named Tjempaka, Mario, Orchid, and Maha Devi and with his life as an enchanted artist on the island of the gods Bali.

The Blanco museum building is located on a beautiful hill overlooking the Campuhan river which was opened on December 28, 1998. Before becoming a museum, the building was a private house owned by the Blanco family. This museum exudes its charm with a building with a typical Balinese architecture. Antonio Blanco built this Museum as a symbol of his love for Bali and a place to house his legendary important works. The museum is also a symbol of respect for nature and the invisible world of spirits and minds known as “Niskala”. The Blanco Museum is a living testament to how amazing Blanco was in realizing his fantasy in the arts and his role in creating the world of his dreams.