The Culture and Tradition in Ubud are very well known for the diversity of the people are predominantly Hindu, Who still preserve their ancestral wealth till now. Temple is becoming the main place to preserve the tradition of ceremonial activities. There is a sacred Temple are protected because it has cultural heritage site that become a tourist attraction near Ubud town such as, Goa Gajah Temple (Elephant Cave Temple), Gunung Kawi Temple and Tirta Empul Temple. The unique Tradition in Bali.

This unique tradition in Bali is still preserved until now and has been passed down from generation to generation from the royal era. With the construction of many temples that are trusted by Hindus in Bali as places of worship and offerings as a sign of their gratitude to God who has given blessings in this universe. In each region have various traditions which adapt to the traditions and culture of their predecessors. One of the sacred traditions such as the Barong and Rangda dances is highly believed by Hindus as a manifestation of God who can provide salvation to his people. With the uniqueness of this tradition, Bali has become the largest tourist destination in Indonesia and even in Asia, because its Culture and traditions cannot be found in other countries or regions.

Ubud Art Village divide into several different artwork such as, Art Painting, wood carving and Gold-Silver Art that you can find in several village. Celuk Village is famous with the Gold and Silver craftsman, Batuan Village Famous with the Art Painting and Mas Village Famous with The wood craftsman.