Melasti Beach in Bali was once relatively new, and became a hidden beach in Bali. This is also one of favorite beaches in Bali, which I always recommend for Tourism who are spend their holiday. Or if anyone wants to visit a deserted beach in Bali, this is always at the top of the list. The location itself is located in Ungasan Village, South Bali.

Although this beach was once a hidden beach in Bali or Hidden Beach Bali, now this beach has changed a lot. Because more and more people are visiting Melasti Beach every day. Therefore, the existence of this beach continues to be neatly arranged, with the hope that this beach will become a beautiful beach treat that is visible from the top of a steep cliff.


The Attractions of Melasti Beach Bali

The main attraction of beach tourism in Bali is the stretch of white sand and blue sea. The sand contour is quite comfortable for various tourist activities. A calmer atmosphere further adds to the attractiveness of this beach, especially for tourists who want to get away from the crowds. While sitting on the beach, tourists are accompanied by views around the beach that are so stunning. This beach is surrounded by rock cliffs and limestone hills which are the main attraction. However, it is advisable to be careful when approaching the limestone area.

Stunning views can also be seen on the way to Melasti Beach. The paved road to reach the beach is flanked by two very high limestone cliffs. Gives an unusual sensation to welcome the tourists who visit this beach. Many tourists are interested and fascinated by the streets on this beach. The road to Melasti Beach does divide the cliffs because the location of the beach is behind a limestone hill. Approaching the beach location, tourists will be greeted with beautiful winding roads. The road, which is built on a cliff, is 150 to 500 meters high and decreases as it leads to the beach.

Entering the beach area, tourists can see the temple building that stands on the coast. The building is used by the Balinese, especially for religious ceremonies such as Melasti. A ceremony performed before Nyepi. So the name of this beach is also known as the ceremony. The beautiful and enchanting view of this beach attracts many tourists to come. In addition, the calmer atmosphere of the beach is also an additional attraction of this beach. Tourists who are not too crowded provide more space for visitors to enjoy each side of Melasti Beach.




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