Penelokan Tourism Village is a village in Kintamani, Bangli Regency. To arrive at Penelokan Village, you need to travel from Denpasar with a distance of about 63km or about 1.5 hours by car. If your starting point is from Ubud, the journey time will be even shorter, only about 30 to 40 minutes. Because the location of Gianyar Regency is close to Bangli Regency.

The name Penelokan Village has a meaning according to the location of the village. In Balinese, Penelokan means “a place to see”. Well, right.

From this village, a number of amazing views can be seen, such as Mount and Lake Batur for example. These two natural panoramas can be seen from various angles in Penelokan Village.

Penelokan Village KintamaniYou don’t need to sit in a cafe to hang out or any other special place to see the beauty of Mount and Lake Batur. Because, by standing on the side of the road, you can see the charming mountains and lakes. So it’s not surprising that the villagers conjure up the sidewalk as a place to sell snacks and soft drinks. So that visitors who want to enjoy nature can sit around while filling their stomachs. In addition, you can see Mount Abang from here. No wonder this village is one of the favorite tourist destinations that are most frequently visited by tourists. Many local and foreign tourists are interested and curious to visit Penelokan Village. So this village is never empty of visitors.

Let’s have Kintamani Tour with Bali Tour Voyage!




Road Route to the Penelokan Village Tourist Attraction, Kintamani

Accessing tourist attractions on the Penelokan highway, south of Batur Tengah Village, Kintamani Bangli Bali is very easy, you can use various types of transportation, from bringing your own vehicle, taking a metered taxi to renting or renting a car in Bali.

As for the route itself, it’s actually very easy now, especially if you already use a road directions application like Waze.


Road Route to Penelokan Kintamani from Ngurah Rai Airport

If you depart from Ngurah Rai Airport to get to the location, then we only need a 2 hour journey by vehicle (73 KM). We took this travel time via the Bali Mandara toll road – Ngurah Rai By Pass road – Ida Bagus Mantra By Pass road.

So when you arrive at a road intersection leading to the Siyut Beach tourist attraction, take the direction and turn left onto the Tulikup highway. Next, here we have two alternative routes that can be taken, namely via the Bangli T-junction or the Taman Bali road. It will be much faster if we cross the Taman Bali road, so we can stop by the Taman Nusa tourist attraction. From Jalan Taman Bali, we will arrive at a main road heading towards Bangli – Singaraja. From that road, we just follow the direction of the road until we can see a welcome board saying “Welcome to Batur Global Geopark Kintamani”.

Next, from the location of the sign, approximately another 100 meters, that is where we will finally arrive at the Penelokan Kintamani Bali Village Tourist Attraction.


Tourist Attraction of Penelokan Kintamani Village

Talking about the attractions of tourist attractions in Bali, apart from having similar attractions, they also have their own uniqueness.

If tourist attractions in southern Bali are more popular, offering the charm of many natural tourist attractions in the lowlands such as Nusa Dua Beach, Pandawa Beach, and others, then tourist attractions in central and northern Bali offer more of the charm of the exotic side of natural tourism besides beaches. .

One of the tourist attractions in North Bali which is very famous and is located in Bangli district, which offers the charm of natural beauty typical of the highlands, namely Kintamani, which is a tourist attraction in Bali which is visited by many tourists because it offers exotic, beautiful natural views of the Balinese mountains.

Well, in Kintamani there is a village name that has truly extraordinary natural views, namely Penelokan Kintamani Village Tourism.

Well, here are some of the attractions, why if you are on holiday in Bali, it feels obligatory not to include the Penelokan Kintamani village tour.


The Most Beautiful Mountain Natural Tourist Attractions in Bali

The Penelokan Kintamani Bali Village Tourist Attraction is one of the world-class tourist attractions on the island of Bali. Currently, the name Penelokan Kintamani is very popular as a favorite destination for tourists both domestic and foreign. This tourist spot in Kedisan village, Kintamani Bangli district, Bali, offers beautiful natural mountain characteristics with very cool air.

If the height measured above sea level is measured, this area is located at an altitude of no less than 1,500 meters above sea level.


Penelokan Village Tourism Facilities Kintamani Bali

As one of the favorite tourist areas of tourists whose name is worldwide, there are many tourist facilities and accommodations available there. Starting from the trip to the tourist location of Penelokan Kintamani village, we will find many tourist facilities and accommodation, ranging from culinary places such as cafes and restaurants to simple food stalls to accommodation such as hotels and villas.


Other Useful Information About Penelokan Kintamani Village Tourist Attractions

For visitors who come and will enter tourist attractions in Kintamani, we will be charged IDR 15,000/person (prices can change at any time).

The temperature around the Penelokan Village area is quite cool because it is in the range of 22 Celsius. With these temperatures, you will often find many citrus and coffee plantations. You can also visit a coffee or orange garden to fill your free time in Penelokan!

Not only seeing, you can also be directly involved in the process of producing coffee beans into ground coffee. Then, you will be treated to various types of the best coffee for free. If you visit an orange plantation, picking oranges straight from the tree is a popular tourist favorite activity.

Enjoy Sunrise from the top of Mount Batur.

However, the lodging facilities in Penelokan Tourism Village are not as many as in other villages in Kintamani. However, this village is very famous for its lake-themed restaurants and mountain views. Interestingly, the restaurants that line the Penelokan Village road to Lake Batur offer great food prices and tastes. By paying IDR 100,000, you can enjoy the restaurant to your heart’s content. There are Indonesian, western, Chinese and Indian food.

Schedule your lunch at one of the restaurants in Penelokan Village. We recommend that you come to the restaurant about an hour before lunch time, so you can get a place with the right view. After lunch, you can continue your journey to see Lake Batur up close. Then end your tour at Penelokan Village before sunset.

Because it is located at an altitude, the air temperature is relatively cold. In addition, rain with moderate intensity often falls suddenly. So wear a thick jacket and bring an umbrella. Also, please be careful on the way from Ubud to Penelokan Village, the road is a bit slippery and winding. Happy holidays!

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