The island of Bali has always succeeded in presenting stunning and worthy tourist attractions. For this reason, it is only natural that the island is always crowded with local and foreign tourists. There are many natural resources that you can find when visiting the island.

One of the mainstay tourist attractions on the island of Bali is beach tourism. There are many kinds of beach tourism that are suitable to be used as a vacation spot by you and your family. One of the beaches that is highly recommended is Virgin Beach in Karangasem. This beautiful beach does offer a lot of beauty.

Like the beaches in Bali in general, this beach also has white sand and waves that are not too big. When compared to other beaches on the Island of the Gods, Virgin Beach is still less popular, so the atmosphere around is very beautiful and clean of garbage. Virgin Beach Karangasem can also be said to be one of the best beach resorts you can find in eastern Bali. You will find this beach is often mentioned in tourist guide books. If you pay attention, the sand on the beach is not completely white, but tends to be yellow.